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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Conversation with Patti Stiles

This isn't so much an article as a link. A few months back I posted a comment on Patti Stiles' Impro blog. The blog post she wrote was entitled "Transaction Scenes". Patti is one of the world's great improv teachers. She has this amazing way of pointing out the obvious and suddenly your whole perspective has shifted. She writes one of my favourite blogs.

Now, according to the Improv Encyclopedia, Transaction Scenes are defined as:

"A transaction scene is a scene in which nothing happens but a simple transaction. For beginners, transaction scenes are a dangerous pitfall. When the scene Setup is e.g. a shoe-shop, it is tempting to play a scene about buying shoes, but such a scene is not likely to be very interesting.

Transaction scenes need not be boring, but then we want to see something else happening but the actual transaction. An interesting Subtext may help."

Patti blogs about her perspective on this type of scene and I added my thoughts. Check out our conversation here.

A bit about Patti:

Patti is an actor, improviser, director, instructor and playwright who has been working professionally in theatre since 1983. She served her theatre apprenticeship at the world renowned Loose Moose Theatre with Keith Johnstone. It is her knowledge, technique and application of her improvisational skills, which makes Patti a unique and dynamic instructor. Her interpretation and extension of Johnstone’s work and philosophy, combined with her wealth of experience on the world improv stage, has made her a “must have” teacher for performers and companies wishing to create spontaneous theatre with fine skill, strong narrative and elegant style.

Also, she is just plain lovely as a person. If you are in Calgary next week check her out directing Women in Improv at the 5th Annual Calgary Improv Festival. You won't regret it.